What to Know When Driving in South Africa

Driving Cape of Good Hope Nature Preserve

It can be a nerve-wracking experience when deciding to rent a car and drive through a foreign country. The question always comes up, in this case for us it was: What to know when driving in South Africa? Should I Rent a Car to Drive Through South Africa? This can simply be answered by doing what you feel is comfortable for yourself. Some travellers prefer to travel like a local…

Travelling South Africa: Our 13 Day Route Explained

Hiking Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Our choice to go travelling South Africa was to knock it off both of our bucket lists. Sometimes when travelling as a couple, both of your dream destinations line up. This was the case with South Africa. Natalie and I both had always wanted to visit the country, experience the culture, and indulge in safaris. When planning a 13 day journey through the country, it is quickly understood that you…

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