South Korea

Worldwide Food Menu: Kimbap or Gimbap in South Korea

Kimbap or Gimbap in South Korea

There is nothing better than a filling snack that will keep your energy up during your travels that has many variations for you to choose from, that is delicious, and that is inexpensive. In South Korea, there are several such dishes and street food vendors available for your choosing, but no food is better or more portable than the Kimbap or Gimbap. Kimbap or Gimbap What is Kimbap or Gimbap?…

Worldwide Food Menu: Mandu in South Korea

Mandu in South Korea

Throughout Asia, there are similar takes on the dumpling. Dumplings are dough pockets filled with an assortment of ingredients that vary from place to place. Each country throughout Asia creates their own similar dumpling like the momo in Nepal, the gyoza in Japan, and Mandu in South Korea. All of which taste delicious. Mandu What is mandu? Mandu is a dough pocket that is filled with ingredients like minced meat,…

Worldwide Food Menu: Patbingsu, a Summer Time Korean Dessert

Summer Dessert, Patbingsu, South Korea

The scorching heat of South Korean summers makes finding the right snack to cool you down crucial. Luckily, South Korea never disappoints with their choices. In the country, they have a particular dessert that becomes very popular during the summer months. Patbingsu What is patbingsu? Patbingsu is a dessert that is primarily made of shaved ice. Do not think of the shaved ice as the ice you will find in…

Worldwide Travel Photo: Olympic Park Monument and Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea

1988 Olympic Monument, Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea

Location: Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea Photographer: Michael Pletz Background Information: Seoul is an amazing city. It is densely populated with some 14 million people. The city is constantly in a state of rush, the metro system is incredibly efficient and so many people rely on it to get to and from work everyday, the streets are packed with cars during rush hour, and yet there are some peaceful places…

Geoje Island, Korea: Beaches and Attractions

Geoje Island, South Korea

It was summer vacation in 2015. It was hot. Really hot. July in South Korea gets extremely humid and temperatures raise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). So, we decided it was time to leave the big city of Seoul to cool down at the beaches down south. After a little bit of searching various destinations, it was decided where we would travel to for three days. Geojedo, or Geoje…

Oedo Island, Korea: Touring the Botanical Gardens

Oedo Island, off of Geoje Island, South Korea

Geoje Island in South Korea is the country’s second largest island. Because of the bridge, it is accessible by car, bus, or taxi. The island is historically significant as it was the site of battles, a prisoner war camp, and defensive positions. It also is a beautiful island to visit for any traveler. Off the South East shore of Geoje Island rests Oedo Island. This island is available on a…

Popular Korean Food: Kimchi

Kimchi Side Dish, South Korea

South Korean cuisine is famous for it’s side dishes. Whenever you order a main course dish in a Korean restaurant, you are served with what seems like an endless supply of side dishes. Most of these dishes are vegetables, though sometimes you will be served other sides like fish, squid, or octopus among many others. The best part of these side dishes is that they are refillable! For free! Enjoy…

Worldwide Food Menu: Bibimguksu, Kongguksu, and Naengmyeon, Cold Noodles in South Korea

Bibimguksu and Kongguksu, Cold Noodles, Seoul, South Korea

It’s summer time! That means it is time to go outside and enjoy the weather. Go to the beach and soak in the sun. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than something nice and cold that will cool you down. A nice cold beverage, ice cream, or . . . cold noodles? Yes, in South Korea during the summer time, cold noodles are enjoyed by many on a…

Korea Budget Travel Itinerary: Seoul

Travel Photo View from Achasan, Seoul, South Korea

Traveling can be expensive. Even before you begin your travels, you have already spent the largest portions of your trip. Between the flight and hotel expenses, the biggest expenses have been paid for. However, your trip can still cost you a lot more than you expected. Planning is key to this part of your budgeting. Knowing what you will spend and where on your trip will be very important to…

Korean Royalty: Seongjeongneung Royal Burial Mounds

A view of Seongjeongnueng in Seoul, South Korea

In the late 19th century, Seoul, South Korea found itself rapidly advancing towards the modern country that it is today. Buildings, railways, subway systems, everything was being constructed at a fast pace, and little was being done to preserve the green spaces within the city. Though Seoul became a modernized country fast, the city lost a lot of parks for apartment buildings. Fortunately, in recent years these spaces have come…

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