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When an Airline Lost My Luggage

When an Airline Lost My Luggage

Day one on our South Africa trip began with our airline losing our luggage. What did I do when an airline lost my luggage? Here is our story of our luggage being lost, and waiting for it to be found, and how we got it back. I should preface this by saying that this is a happy-ending story. Not every story with lost luggage ends like this. You can take…

What to Know When Driving in South Africa

Driving Cape of Good Hope Nature Preserve

It can be a nerve-wracking experience when deciding to rent a car and drive through a foreign country. The question always comes up, in this case for us it was: What to know when driving in South Africa? Should I Rent a Car to Drive Through South Africa? This can simply be answered by doing what you feel is comfortable for yourself. Some travellers prefer to travel like a local…

Best Cameras for Travel Bloggers


It is a question that is asked again and again by everyone in the travel world. Everyone has their own opinions about what the best cameras for travel bloggers are. Some have chosen their favorites from when they first started. Some products are more popular than others and have really held a strong market share for their superior technology and product. For what it is worth, I have compiled a…

What is a Traveler

Hiking Yongmasan, Seoul, South Korea

Anyone can be a traveler, but not everyone can afford to be a traveler. Traveling is expensive in many ways. It costs time, money, and many more things for people to travel. That is why not everyone is a traveler. So what is a traveler? What makes someone a traveler? Who can be a traveler? I think, deep down, everyone has had a feeling of wanting to drop everything, pack…

How to Plan a Trip

At the Airport Going Traveling

You have worked hard to save up the money and you have time to go on a trip. Whether it is a short trip or long trip, you need to prepare for it. Making sure you are well-prepared for your trip will make your trip more enjoyable rather than full of stress and panic. How to plan a trip is a question every first time traveler has struggled with. Having…

Tips for First Time Travelers

Hiking Yongmasan in Seoul, South Korea

If you have ever been traveling before, you know the many rewards from packing your bags and hitting the road. You know the memories and experiences, but you also know the challenges you have faced from your travels, and how they have benefited your life. If you have not traveled before, it is never too late to start. And we have some tips for first time travelers. These are not…

How To Make Money While Traveling

A view of Seongjeongnueng in Seoul, South Korea

Traveling opens our eyes to the world around us. It helps us understand and experience different cultures. Traveling opens our mind and our heart to new experiences. It provides us with many memories that will shape us as a person. Traveling is priceless… Except for the fact that traveling can be extremely pricey. So, how to make money while traveling? You can get away with saving some money here and…

Things Not To Forget When Packing

Geoje Island, South Korea

Preparing for your trip is essential to having a smooth vacation. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the moment that we forget to bring a few items with us. No worries, To the Nations Worldwide created a list of things not to forget when packing. This is not a list of the simple things you should bring like clean underwear and your passport, but a list of things…

What To Do When Traveling

Travel Photo Weaving Atop Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal

It takes a certain type of person to travel the world and to know what to do when traveling. Not only do you need to be willing to travel, but you need the financial and personal freedom to go on a trip. Though it can be difficult to take the time out of your life to go traveling, the memories you make and the adventures you seek will forever shape…

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